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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Hai Hai Hai dari Hong Kong!

We have arrived. Alhamdulillah... @azrulx's first impression was "It had an air of efficiency to it". Sungguh lah, courteous and informative officers placed everywhere at the airport, no nonsense taxi cab driver (though he did not speak a word of English), highwaynya besar, tak bumpy, sekejaaap je dah sampai Kowloon from the airport. (sila ambil red coloured taxi - Urban taxi kalau nak ke HK island and Kowloon area) The pakcik taksi didn't quite know the way to our hotel, but he got us to Yau Ma Tei MTR station fairly quickly and it was just a matter of time that we found our temporary abode.

We were told that the rooms in Hong Kong hotels were rather small and the maximum occupancy is 3 pax per room. Anak dah ada 3, so secara berhemahnya, kenalah ambik 2 bilik, ya dak? Hmm... Bajet ada lari sikit nih... Anyways, we chose to stay in MHotel that is in the Kowloon area (28 Portland Street,Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon 85227106666) - had a good deal when we checked!

Mujurlah ambil dua bilik, tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sebab MasyaAllah... Memang kecillah..

Siap see thru to the bathroom lagi, jangan marah. Nasib baik we specified to be put in the same floor during the booking. Bilik kami sebelah-sebelah lagi. Kellasss gitu... :) The girls were in one room and the boys in the next.

After checking in and figuring out what to do for the night, we decided that we'll go check out the Avenue of Stars. It's kind of a cool thing to do if you are based in the Kowloon area. One gets to see the Hong Kong island skyline and there's even stars on the pavement to celebrate renowned Hong Kong actors. Definitely worth checking out lah! So we kinda headed towards Tsim Sha Tsui MRT station , all the while following the directions towards Avenue of the Stars.

Now, herein lies the challenge. We haven't had our dinner yet and kids and parents alike are getting rather testy. Lapar wei... Nasib baik jumpa bakery and bought some Cheese Sticks and Chocolate Croissant, before we had some speghetti's at Italian Tomatos in the Food Paradise a.k.a food court at Sogo TST. Lepas dah dapat carbo, barulah semangat nak ambik gambar yang berikutnya...

The directions to get there is very clear. Just follow the signs. Kalau tak silap tadi, exit J at TST MRT station. There were many statues built at the walkway. So, apa lagi? Camwhoring time. Yang paling excited adalah sikenit K3. Macam-macam pose dah keluar. Hilarious. Anyhoots, we were really trying to find the more famous HongKie actors. At least yang kenal lah. Ni tah sapa-sapa entah - Fong Yim Fun la, Tang Kei Chen la, Tang Bik Wan la.... Ng See Yuen pun ada.. Akak tak kenal, you alls.... Rupa-rupanya yang femes-femes semua dah dikumpul dekat dengan Kiosk 2, kat tengah- tengah tu. Jumpa lah Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Michelle Yeoh, Andy Lau, Anita Mui.. Macam-macam ada.... :)

At the end of the walk, we crossed over the road via an elevated foot bridge, of which we chanced upon the Middle Road Children's Playground. So damn cool. The place was very well lit, with huge area for play. They even had seats surrounding the park for parents to wait on their children. Kids were super duper psyched, though dah banyak jalan malam ni. Heran ya, how they maintain their facilities so well. Security was in abundance. Makcik tukang sapu and angkat sampah tu pun ada lagi. And this is like 10pm at night, babe. Suffice to say that kids were stoked and getting their asses back to the hotel wasn't easy. Hihihihihihi...

Kami tak jumpa cari TST East MRT staion, so we just took the taxi back to the hotel. Lepas mandi-mandi bersihkan diri... Nilah agenda utama:

(K1 with invited guest dari sebelah, siK2)

Sila makan......

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ZaTiL said...

nice! will definitely refer to your blog for HK trip. Next trip plan nak bwk the boys to HK, beli jiwa la konon sbb kena tinggal tak bwk ke Europe. on their birthdays plak tu! hehehe...

shishe@keen said...

rindu nye HK. selamat bershopping yeak. pg disneyland kah?

dillazag said...

Zatil, itis definitely worth taking the boys to see. Im sure abang can appreciate it a lot! Biar kitorang testing dulu cenggana, ek? ;)

dillazag said...

Shishe@keen, tak de shopping sangat pun. Disneyland agenda hari keriga and empat. :)