Friday, March 18, 2011

My (con)Current Project (among others)

I have been pretty tied up with all sorts of things lately. This particular project happens to have a deadline, though. Sometime back (prolly 3-4 months back) Ziezi came across a great deal from photobookMalaysia - so I happily joined the bandwagon and bought 5 vouchers for Medium Landscape Imagewrap Hardcover books. hihihihihihi.

Ampun tuanku! 5 photobook to be finished in about 2weeks. Maka, teruslah hamba mengdownload the Photobook Designer software and mess about with it. Firstly, I needed pictures. Scouring my laptop and Azrul's MacBook, we managed to get pictures of la famiglia from as early as 2004. Prior to that dah takde in digital format. I decided that I could start off with our trip to Melbourne then. If my memory serves me right, I was 7months pregnant with Khaleeq and Khadra was just a little 10 months old tot. She had such a straight bop - the days before she acquired her curls.

Here's the sneak peak. Very the raw, I know. This is only the draft. The actual one I decide to check in could very well be very very different. hihihihihi

I hope it turns out well. This is my first attempt, so am not putting too high a hope. Nanti dah dapat hasilnya wa update lagi, orait?

-dillz blogging out-


Didie said...

Hehe.. I've done 4 photobooks with myflippix. Memang pening nak pilih gambar yang sesuai. Mcm buat assignment, sampai stay up 2-3 pagi.. haha.. Tapi bila dah siap printing, memang best!! Kak Dilla, mana2 gambar ur kids yg cute tuh, buat satu page terus. Sometimes the software indicates poor quality. But u can re-check with ur photobook provider, sbb kekadang ok sebenarnya depends on your pic's pixel and photobook size (e.g. Pic size 3000-4000KB on A4 size book)

ICA said...

Dilla...welcome back!

dillazag said...

OMG! I so know what you mean. just last night I was up till 4am :P

Hi there Ica. *queen wave*