Saturday, December 11, 2010

The (Attempt of an ) Explanation

*bringing in the vaccuum*

Hola! Soi Dilla.

Sorry for the awkward long silence. Guwe busy. Ni baru nak tulis-tulis balik. Coz I have really missed writing.

Please, do allow me to blame it on:
1. twitter - guwe lepas gian di sinun. (If you haven't already, follow me at @dillazag to read my mumbles and rantings.) Though di sinun pun not as prolific as I want to be. But at least ada lah appearance.

2. Work - there has been a tremendous amount of work to be finalized by year-end. Managed to clear a few already. But, I still have a few more layers of "mangkuk tingkat" i.e. outstanding work.

Can't think of anything else to point at. So, this shall have to suffice. I will be checking in regularly (Insya Allah) from here onwards. There's a lot to tell. A lot to share. Till later, though. Too-da-loo!

-dillz blogging out-


jelita78 said...

haha, acah je.. paham paham..

dillazag said...

amboi. amboi... acik... :P
kasik chan lah ok?
nanti saya hapdate rajin sikit.. *promise*