Tuesday, July 12, 2005

La Familia - Take 3

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The grand introduction to Khaleeq Mohd Azrul. Khaleeq = obedient, goodness, methodological. pet name, Ayeeq. (Hmm, just having second thoughts.. He wouldn't want to keep this name if he ever goes to RMC) This is Ayeeq submerged in balls - balls - balls. So... chubby.

Ayeeq’s gonna be ONE in a month’s time. He can now crawl, sit unassisted and stand for quite sometime on his own.

He loves remotes. Not just any remote, mind you. Astro remote controls. He works very hard (ie crawling fast, climbing low-rise tables) to get what he wants (ie Astro remote) and religiously puts it in his mouth.

He boasts some bumps due to a few falling-off-the-bed incidents. We are more calm in those situations now since Kakak had gone through that phase when she was about Ayeeq’s age. No big deal, lah..

The thing that I love most about him is his SMILE. He has the sweetest of smiles. :) Don’t you just want to pinch his rosy chubby cheeks?? However, Ayeeq is a BOY of the truest sense. (Despite his ‘jambu’ness!) He is very active and agile. One moment he’s standing in front of you, on the next he’s already banging the keyboard. And… on the very next moment, he falls flat on his face. That was how he got his NEW look — The Little Tiger! Growlll! He has a pinkish little circle right smack in the middle of his nose. Wakakakakakakaka! We got a little worried at first ‘coz Khadra never scaped off her skin like that before. So, we went over to the trusted Mediklinik Wong, Zul dan Rakan-Rakan in Lucky Garden and was assured that it was not a big deal. We got him an antibiotic cream and off we went on our merry way. Ayeeq completes our mini family, for now. One Ayah, one Abibu, one Kakak and one Ayeeq.

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