Sunday, December 18, 2011

Of family reunion

Despite sleeping around 6am this morning *buat report la apa lagi* we made our way to Taman Tenaga to attend the "Majlis Waris Dan Keturunan YAM Pengiran Sura Negara Pengiran Anak Badarudin (Jurai Tok Mamat)" at 10am this morning.

Apparently kami adalah bau-bau bacang dengan the Brunei royalties. The details were presented during the workshop. The presenter is actually the seventh generation coming from Jurai Syarifah. *I think* I am on the other hand, the fifth generation from Jurai Tok Mamat. Our clan (i.e. starting from my grandfather - comprising of my dad's siblings) all came decked in white and/or black. Ramai kot. Kitorang je dah berapa orang, considering that dad had 11 siblings.. (2 passed away when they were little)

Had a blast though. So, what does this mean? Nothing much, really. Ancestry. It's always nice to know about where you came from.. Kalau ikutkan we are all Pengirans. Pengiran @dillazag , Pengiran Khadra, Pengiran Khaleeq and Pengiran Khaleeda. My hubby could carry Pengiran Bini @azrulx. ;)

Gotto get back to the talk now. ;)

-dillz blogging out-


Anonymous said...

Wow! saya ada kawan pengiran seh. best best :)

~ cik ros

dillazag said...

Pengiran pada nama aje. Bukan Pengiran pada fulusnya. Huhuhuhu