Sunday, February 15, 2009

Been a little quiet..

There has not much activity going on around here, lately.. Not much traffic, either.. Before I lose all 3 of my readers, I'd better start a little buzz around here.. hihihi
A lot has happened since my last post (*Duhh!!*) Lemme just keep you up to speed - in no chronological order..
  • Azrul has been away a lot. Business trip la, golf trip la.. Jetsetting across South East Asia.. hihihihi.. Which actually got me to thinking.. Why don't I have my own girlie SPA or shopping trip to Jakarta, ka... Bali, ka... Any takers out there? Cuma maleh nak plan la.. *serious*
  • Thaipusam Weekend in Avillion.. Loads of fun, especially for the kids.. For me, it was just really really tiring and Thank God we brought Parmi along.. Tonnes of activities for Khadra and Khaleeq (Khaleeda was a little under the weather). They went swimming swimming swimming - there's even a water slide at the Children's pool; some activities at the Kids' Cabin (colouring, blocks, sand art, PSP) ; feeding animals at the Pet Farm (rabbits, tortoises, ayam serama, doves, etc); nature walking, playing with sand on the beach... *Beach wasn't all that, but OK lah* But, as I said, it was great for the kids..
  • Ewa is back in KL - with her bulging tummy too.. Can't believe she's gonna deliver this April and Lil E will be the 12th addition to the Zaghlol clan.
  • Catching up on work- what else is new? (One assignment completely done and wrapping up some lose ends with another - hopefully my torture will end this Wednesday coz we're leaving on a jetplane on Thursday to Kubang Kerian)

Dah la dulu, speaking about work, I need to just swing this and get it over and done with. Insya Allah, ketemu lagi dilain siaran, ya?

-dillz blogging out-


ms ngantuk said...

k dilla,
awak ni bz memanjang! try la any girlie trip best tau. high on the agenda is shopping. anyway i am going to 2 concerts next mth in s'pore with my goodie friend, super excited lak!!

dillazag said...

Kay -- tu la.. tak busy pun LLB (Look Like Busy) hihihihi.. Dah berapa kali dah tulis post yang menyerupai ini.. Naik buhsan dah..

I sooo want to go for a girlie trip but sooo the malas to plan. Howlah?? hihihihihi

ReensPorchSale said...

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dillz... i've been meaning to ask. kalau kau bawak parmi along, dia tido mana? same room ke? if that's the case, tak syok aaa... mlm2 cannot have any action gitu kekkeke...

dillazag said...

noresh -> yes, she sleeps in the same room. Aku tak keji suruh dia tido kat patio... Hahahaha.. Last time kat marriot bkt bintang we went without her pun too knackered for any action Hahahahaha.. At least i am not too tired mandikan bdk2, etc.. Penat oo.. Anak dah tiga.. Conclusionnya, action kena go without the kids la... ;)