Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Day That Was..

We decided that this was the year for Khadra to join a preschool to ease her transition into primary school in 2010. (No, it's not thaaaat far!) For the past 2 and a half years, she has been attending Early Years Playgroup in Damansara Heights where they were more into wholistic development. I must say that they have done a terrific job on Khadra and she have blossomed into a sweet, confident girl who loves to draw, paint and perform- I mean, just look at her dance and sing. To think that she was barely even speaking when she first came in, it is truly amazing!

She is now attending Beaconhouse preschool and here's some pictures of her first day of school - all smiles in her new uniform. (also Naqib's first day of Primary One in SKBD) However, I found it extremely difficult to coax her to prepare for school in the mornings. She takes almost 30 minutes to down her "Shishu Milo", cries before taking her shower, finds all sorts of excuses to NOT go to school for that day.

There was this one stretch that she missed almost the whole week; cited reason - sick. (cough, vomitting, what not) The next week, as we were walking towards the car, all clad in her gym outfit, she vomitted infront of me. So, I thought, "Aahh.. She's not well.. Let's not go to school, then.." I took her up our house and from the corner of my eyes, I think I saw a little smirk on her face. The next day, she vomitted, even before we were out the house. Another day of NOT going to school. Khadra -2, Mommy-0.

That night, we were just talking and she somehow let out : "I made myself vomit. hah hah" and in my mind, I immediately went, "What? Is this girl playing me? Waaa.... so terror.. Tipah tertipu...." So that was the end of it. For the next day and the day after the next.. She was dragged to school come hail, or snow, or storm, or vomit.

Very sneaky, eh? I know it'll take some time for her to adjust to the new school environment. Bigger school, bigger class, new faces - both friends and teachers, new requirements (uniforms, homework). It is quite a lot to take in, I guess, for a little 4.5 year old Khadra... Maybe she just needs a little more time.

In the meantime, I think I need to just support her and bribe her with breakfast before school at the local mamak or an island holiday.. heh heh heh The things mommies have to do these days...

-dillz blogging out-


Amy said...

Amboi Khadra!!! Hehhehe..

ms ngantuk said...

pandainya kids nowadays buat perangai. mine pun slalu liat nk bgn pg, ada je excuses. and mcm bad kan..mommies nowadays kena bribe treats n trips to appease them. slalunya my other half la spoil him with things sbb pi sekolah n all..

.ems gems. said...

ouh my god, she fakes her vomits? damnnnnnnnnnnnn girllllll~ hoho. what a sneaky one that girl is.

p/s: promise i didnt teach her those! lol~


in my case, zareef now doesn't dare to not go to school coz if he does, his tv, game, computer and playground time will be revoked.

tak pun kalau dia tak nak bangun, bard will just angkat and put him under the shower dgn baju2 skali. hahahaha... that usually does the trick.

fadznida said...

Haha, macam sama je kite buat masa kecik2

Standard la tu momies. All sort of tricks will come out, just need to read between the line :D

Anonymous said...

K Dilla,

haha, i think we are going thru the same thing. Myra also started her kindy this year.. And gosh, the 1st few weeks memang hell. At first, susahnye nak get her to bgn and mandi.. And then like everyday she ask today school or not? adehla, damn smart these kids.. But now alhamdulillah, dah OK dah.. phew.. nobody ever told us motherhood ain't easy huh?


dillazag said...

amy --> heh heh heh Tau takpe...

ms mengantuk --> before pergi sekolah, lepas balik sekolah, semua kena bribe.. teruk betulla budaya kita nih..

ems -->exactly. i was surprised too. dia macam dah associate sick = no school. so she makes herself look sick. clever or what? u sure it wasn't u, btw?

dillazag said...

nora --> i have started revoking priviledges too. kalau dia betul2 sick pun, no tv, no computer / internet, no ps2. zilch. nada. barula bosan nak dok kat rumah.. it seems to work pretty nicely.. heh heh heh

fadznida --> hah hah hah. nasib baik dia tak naik bas macam awak dulu. kalau tak, mau dia komplot dgn pakcik bas tu haa.. :)

MC --> agreed. kena stick with it je. Khadra is now starting to warm up the the whole school idea.. thank God..

D.N.A.S said...

My second son started kindergarten at the age of 3 ++. This year he's six and still refuses to wake up in the morning. He doesn't have any excuses, just 'Tak nak! Tak nak mandi! Tak nak pegi sekolah!'
So, I have no choice but to strip him and carry him into the bathroom. He will cry with all his might and I will be screaming at him while spraying him with water. My house is like a war zone every morning. I must be the loudest mom in the neighborhood, lah.

fadzli said...

Shhhhh.. dont take the 'bus story' at the public kay :D

pijah said...

pelakon handalan sungguh! kecik2 dah pandai!!

floweRinthedesert said...

hahaha i'm impressed. ur little girl can make herself vomit. :)
we registered our 4 yo for pre school this year, and she only went for one day! I was in my confinement then so was not able to send her to school. Persisted though we did, as advised by her teacher and my SIL etc, but she managed to finally persuade us to stop sending her when she threatened to jump out the car! She actually opened the car door (my FIL's driver forgot the child lock). The driver plak ended up too traumatised by the whole experience and refused to send my little girl to school from then on. So ter-put on hold lah her schooling for the time being... ;)

dillazag said...

DNAS --> If we were neighbours, you'd have a pretty close contendor for that title in me! heh heh heh

fadzli --> oops, sudah terlepas!

pijah --> hmmm, that's just the tip of the iceberg for her. heh heh heh

flower --> OMG! Must must must remember to childlock! :) ish ish ish.. Kids these days.. BTW, congrats on ur new addition!