Friday, December 15, 2006

Happiest Feet

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Hfkhadra Hfkhaleeq Happyfeet

One movie preview. One night filled with fun, fun, fun.. The happiest feet were the tiny ones; belonging to Khadra, Khaleeq, Naqib, Teyta and Aisya. [At least whilst they were still awake.. Khaleeq slept 20 minutes into the movie and Khadra slept at the end of the movie. All other kids were wide awake.. Baik pulak anak-anak aku.. heh heh heh] Thank you, Thank you, Thank you X-Fresh! :) (Moga-moga, dapatla tiket lagi di lain kali. Amiiin!)

The preview started at 9pm, but prior to that we had to undergo a strict security measure. Seeing that it was, after all, a PREVIEW; we had to deposit :

-all handphones (regardless of the camera function in it. Even your old granny phones had to be declared)

-all cameras (be it the digital type or otherwise)

-all other electronic devices

After that, we we subjected to a metal detector screening- You know the magic wand that can detect metal? That one.. – Adakah POYO? heh heh heh

I think that’s quite a good treatment for people who just don’t get it.. Please understand that previews are not avenues to cilok someone else’s movie and get it to the cetak rompak scene faster. Thank you very much.

-dillz blogging out-

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